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"Accordion 2 Me!"

I started taking accordion music lessons at the age of 10 after being inspired by various family members and television personalities that I grew up watching. My music and my roots are closely intertwined (see photos below). In "the old days," family occasions always had singing and dancing and whenever a visitor came to town Mom and Dad always wanted me to play the accordion. As family moved further and further away from each other, I longed for a way to keep this tradition of music alive.

I have performed at countless functions throughout the Washington/Baltimore/Virginia areas and worked with some of the best musicians. In 1999, I released my first recording entitled "Dedicato A Voi" (Dedicated To You). Since then, I started incorporating vocals into my repertoire (singing in English, Italian and even a little Spanish!) and have recently released my second recording "Accordion 2 Me," a project of which I am very proud.

I primarily perform with a "Colombo" MIDI accordion which allows me to play various styles of music. The accompanying rhythm/background section allows me to sound like a band and yet still maintain the predominant accordion sound.

Left Photo: My uncle and I sharing good times at an Abruzzo-Molise Heritage Society event in Washington, DC.
Right Photo: My maternal grandfather and I on a beautiful vista in San Vito, Chietino (Abruzzo, Italy).
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